Selected Writing


I Save Time (and Hundreds in Salon Treatments) With This Pastel Hair Dye (New York)
How Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig Turned His Anime Fandom Into A New Netflix Show (Fast Company)
How Comic Fans Got Their Faith Back (The Atlantic)
I Was One Of The First 45 Fans To Hear Lorde’s “Melodrama” (Fast Company)
The “Good Place” Creator Michael Schur Has an Idea of Who’s Going to Make It to Heaven (Esquire)
Taylor Swift Goes Pop, Returns To Singing About Living In a Big Ol’ City (Nashville Scene)
Dolly Parton: “Always Keep Something just For Yourself” (Fast Company)
Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij Is Pop’s Secret Ingredient (Fast Company)
Switchfoot, Relient K and the Fall of Christian Rock (Nashville Scene)
Julien Baker’s brand of sad rock ‘n’ roll reflects Memphis roots and a self-awareness all her own (Nashville Scene)
Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon Is The Lana-Iest Record Yet (Bust)
7 Great Moments in Bathtub Music Video History (Cosmopolitan)
With New Album ‘Double Down,’ Darwin Deez Is Back in New York City, Where He Belongs (Village Voice)
This Year’s Webbys Showed How Creators Are Fighting Back Against Trump (Fast Company)


Inside Bozoma Saint John’s Plan To Steer Uber Forward (Fast Company)
Here’s What It Takes To Win The Grocery Wars (Fast Company)
How Kylie Jenner Built A Makeup Empire Out Of Her Most Famous Asset (Fast Company)
Hmbldt Gives Medical Marijuana A Dose Of Predictability (Fast Company)
Why BuzzFeed Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies of 2017 (Fast Company)
McDonald’s And Taco Bell Are Fighting For Millennials’ Hearts, Wallets, And Stomachs (Fast Company)
Why A Controversial Sex-Ed Advocate Created An App Called Hookup (Fast Company)
Payless Is the Perfect Store for Large-Footed Ladies Like Me (Racked)
These Four Common Mistakes Are Making You Less Productive At Work (Fast Company)


“The Bad Place” (Public Pool)
“Things I’ve Dreamt Since Donald Trump Was Elected President” (Sara Benincasa’s The Stories)
“Auvillar” (One Trick Pony Review)
“A Devotion” (The Phoenix)


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